Seger Dog Park Elections 2013

Seger Dog Park Elections 2013

·         Do you and your dog enjoy spending time at the dog park? 

·         Do you have great ideas to help make the park a better space?

·         Would you like to get more involved? 

Now is the time to join!!

You can nominate yourself or someone you know who would be a great representative for the park.  Below is a list of the available positions and a brief description of each.  If interested please send an email to  with your name, email, phone number, dog’s name, and a brief bio that will be used for elections.

1.       President: This individual will create agendas for board meetings, run the meetings and ensure the park is operating smoothly.  They are also responsible for coordinating everyone and making sure tasks are done in a timely manner.  The President answers any questions from park members via the account.  Lastly, they are ultimately in charge of fundraising efforts along with the fundraising chair.

2.       Vice President: This person will work together with the President to ensure the park is running properly. They are also in charge of organizing park maintenance days and gathering volunteers to help.  They will manage the efforts of the other committees and in case the President is unable to fulfill their duties the Vice President will take over as President.

3.       Treasurer: This individual is responsible for managing all the dog park funds. This includes checking the accounts regularly, organizing and keeping all receipts associated with the park, and ensuring to pay all bills in a timely manner and submitting tax forms.

4.       Secretary: This individual will be in charge of taking notes at board meetings and distributing them to the board afterwards. They will also be responsible for updating the dog park website.

5.       Program/Event Chair: This individual will be responsible for planning programs and events for the park. This includes the halloween contest, training courses at the park, and other fun activities.

6.       Fundraising Chair: This individual is responsible for planning and running all fundraising events for the dog park. This includes any bake sales, silent auctions, and contacting local business for advertising space at the dog park.

7.       Social Media Chair: This person will be responsible for updating the facebook and twitter accounts with up to date information about the park. This includes posting any events, pictures, etc. which will help keep all members and the community informed about the park.

8.       Membership Chair: This individual will be updating the membership spreadsheet and sending out email reminders when yearly memberships have ended.

9.       Legal Advisor: This person will be our advisor in the case the dog park encounters any legal problems.


We will be taking nominations until Sunday November 10th.