Winter Refurfacing

It will be warming up this weekend and we are going to take advantage of the increase in temperatures to do our winter resurfacing. We have found a supplier for large playground-grade mulch chips that will be delivered this weekend. Any volunteers that are free on Saturday morning to help us spread the mulch in the park would be very welcome and appreciated! We will start at 8 am and have rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows on hand. If you're on Facebook, please let us know you're coming here.

This will be an initial step to stabilize the surface for the winter. Once Spring arrives, we plan to do a more thorough overhaul. This will involve removing the fabric that continues to be exposed and any old and broken down mulch beneath the surface. Going forward, we will then continue to do periodic cleaning and adding of mulch chips as they degrade. We will let everyone know when we have a date for this Spring excavation of the surface and hope that folks will be able to help us out!