Upgrades to the Park

Dear Park Members, 

We have had a number of recent comments regarding the park and I would like to give everyone a little more information about what is going on behind the scenes:

1. We are working on a new surface option as the current mulch is not working. We are in the process of evaluating options and will let the community know what we decide on however we are leaning towards K9 Grass as is installed in other parks in the city. 

2. We are working with the city to expand the park to the tennis court wall. This section will become the small dog park and the current small dog park will be incorporated back into the rest of the park. We have a landscape architecture student from Temple that has graciously volunteered her time to draw up formal plans etc. so that we may move quickly with the city.  

3. The bulletin board fundraising goal of $20,000 by December 31st is to fund both of these projects! We are looking to resurface the park as Stage 1 and expand it as Stage 2 as the expansion will take more time due to the city's approval process.  

Please keep checking the bulletin board in the park and the website for the most up to date information and the drawings and plans when we have them!


Emily Forsyth

SPDOA President