• Pay Attention. 
  • All dog run users must observe city laws and ordinances, including:
    • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated. 
    • Dog waste must be disposed of properly. 
    • Dogs outside of run must remain on leashes at all times. 
  • The following dogs are NOT permitted in the dog run:
    • Puppies under 4 months and ANY dog not fully vaccinated as recommended by your veterinarian.
    • Un-neutered males and female dogs in heat. 
    • Sick dogs. 
  • Children 10 and under are not permitted in Seger dog park. Children 11-15 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Leashes must be removed upon entering the dog run. 
  • Collars must be worn in the dog run. 
  • The following collars are not permitted in the dog run: 
    • Prong 
    • Choke
    • Heavy chain link
    • Spike collars 
  • No toys allowed except for standard tennis balls.
  • Smoking, food and alcohol are not permitted in the dog run.
  • No biting, fighting or bullying allowed. 
  • Dog owners are responsible for removing their dog immediately if your dog displays aggressive      behavior. 
  • Repair any damage caused by your dog's digging. 
  • Limit of three (3) dogs per owner. 
  • Dog owners / handlers must be inside the park and within view and voice control of their dogs at all times.


Be Advised: All persons using Seger Dog Park  assume any and all risks associated with the use of the dog park.  

No attendant is on duty.   Users of this facility do so entirely at their own risk.

Report Unsafe Behavior!

To report immediate danger, call 911.  
Any of the following information is helpful: 
1. Name / description of offending dog & owner / handler, 
2. Photo of offending dog and/or owner / handler. Use your cell phone to take the photo.

  • Email Seger Dog Park: president.spdoa@gmail.com with details of incident.