Dog Plogging: Being a Good Neighbor

We want our city to be litter-free, but we need your help to make it happen!

Let’s start by showing [everyone] that it’s not a dirty job to pick up trash, it’s actually pretty satisfying.

— Plogga

What is Dog Plogging?

"Plogging" was a term started in Sweden to encourage people to pick up (plocka upp) litter while jogging. We love the idea of caring for our planet and creating a more beautiful neighborhood, but we think stopping every few yards to pick up litter on a run is quite inconvenient. That's why we took the best parts of plogging and combined it with another thing we love: dogs! We love spending time with our dogs and enjoying the beautiful outdoors, and we think asking dog owners to pick up litter on their walks makes a lot of sense. Here's why:

  • Dog owners are already bending down to pick up waste with a bag in hand. It's easy to pick up small bits of trash along with your dog's poop!

  • Picking up litter with your bare hands can be gross, but dog owners come equipped with a large supply of poop bags that work like a glove and can conveniently be thrown away.

  • If your focus is on the path ahead, you'll be able to identify and clean up dangerous food scraps & bones before your dog (or someone else's) gets to it!

  • Sh*t happens: sometimes our dogs make a mess we can't pick up; sometimes you miss a piece. It happens. Picking up litter in our neighborhood is a nice way to give back for those times we left a little something.

  • Whether you have 5 minutes or 45 minutes, a walk with your dog is supposed to be an enjoyable activity for both of you. Being a good neighbor and leaving your neighborhood litter-free is instantly gratifying, and your dog will love that you're focused on the walk and not your phone!

How do I become a Dog Plogger?

Dog Plogging is easy and intuitive! All you need is your dog, a poop bag, and a shopping bag. It's a great idea to reuse the plastic shopping bags that you get from the grocery store, but we have extra shopping bags & poop bags at the park if you need some more.

Use a poop bag on your hand to pick up trash on the sidewalk as you're walking your dog. Collect trash in the shopping bag and throw it away when you're done! If you're headed to the park, you can throw out your litter in one of Seger Dog Park's large trash bins. There are also a good number of Big Belly trash cans stationed across the city, but be wary because these clog easily and fill quickly along busy streets. 

Bonus round: sort the litter for recyclables! We have large blue recycling bins in Seger Park accompanied by banners which tell you the INS and OUTS of recycling. Check out Philadelphia's list of recyclables. As a general rule, all clean & empty containers (glass, plastic, aluminum) are recyclable; any unsoiled paper & cardboard can be recycled too. Unfortunately those plastic shopping bags can only be recycled at special drop-off locations - the bags tend to clog the machinery in traditional recycling facilities. Look for plastic bag recycling bins at Whole Foods, ACME, MOM's, and Target.

Why should I give Dog Plogging a try?

There are so many reasons to make dog plogging part of your daily routine. Most of us would love to live in a cleaner, more beautiful neighborhood, but we feel powerless when we see our neighbors carelessly litter our streets with garbage. The first step is recognizing that you can turn a sidewalk mess into a spotless promenade with your own two hands. Tori, a dog blogger and dog plogger, phrases it best:

As we spent our first week dog plogging, pieces of litter that we’d walked past for days – maybe even weeks – were now gone. And while I will say it was and still is frustrating to see new trash take its place, I think it’s empowering to realize that all you need to do to make it go away is pick it up again.
— Little Dog Big Philly

But here's another reason to give it a try: Seger Dog Park is giving out gift certificates from our sponsors! Post a picture of your dog plogging adventure on Instagram and tag #DogPlogging to be entered into our weekly raffle. Check out some dog plogging posts below:

It's up to us to make sure our city stays clean & beautiful. The Philadelphia Citizen reported on our city's trash problem and pointed out that Philadelphia is the largest city in the U.S. without regular street cleaning. "We could be heroes of our own neighborhoods," they suggest, instead of waiting for Mayor Kenney to deliver on his promise to resume citywide street sweeping. Taking charge of the litter in your own neighborhood does make you a hero. Whether you make dog plogging a part of your daily ritual or you adopt a block and commit to weekly clean-ups, you're making an important impact on our city.

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