Our Mission  

To create a sense of community that encourages positive interactions among our four legged buddies, SPDOA members and our neighbors. We strive to provide our community with the highest quality of service, current educational materials and local and national news as it pertains to Seger Dog Run. 

Why Visit? 

Seger Dog Run is a wonderful place to exercise your dog and also meet your neighbors who are members of the dog run. Seger Dog Run features include:

  • Open space where dogs can run and play in a legal “off-leash” area
  • A protected, gated perimeter
  • Routine maintenance
  • Water source inside the dog run for the dogs
  • A bulletin board for dog run rules, membership info and related community information
  • Bags provided to be used to clean up after your dog

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Contact: President.SPDOA@gmail.com