Incident Report

We take the safety of our animals and our park users very seriously. If you or your dog ever feel uncomfortable at the dog park, it's always good practice to leave the park. 

For emergencies, please call 911.

The SPDOA is a volunteer-run organization, and therefore we have no way of patrolling the dog park. We rely on our members to follow the posted rules and to keep an eye on their dog at all times. Unfortunately, not all park users act this way. Sometimes new dog owners are unaware of the park's guidelines or the city's laws, so we encourage our veteran members to engage with new owners and politely point them towards one of our posted banners. You can also find a list of our rules here.

We understand that incidents happen, even when both parties are carefully watching their dogs. Whenever a dog or person is injured, we appreciate you filing an incident report for our records. The SPDOA will only intervene if several incident reports have been filed against an individual, and only if that individual is able to be identified. For that reason, we recommend exchanging contact information with the other dog's handler, but ONLY if you feel safe & comfortable doing so. Submitting an incident report here is not a substitute for filing a police report.

You may also reach out directly to one of our board members via email:

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Include the other party's name and contact information if you have it. If not, please provide a description of the dog and dog's handler.